About Me

bhsd_newDesiree Watson is an award-winning, performance-focused, and visionary corporate wellness and sustainability program leader with 20+ years of experience in customizing innovative wellness programs for leading corporations to support staff engagement, productivity, morale, communication, motivation, and efficiency. As the CEO of Wellness Interactive Inc., Desiree has developed the company to be an industry leader and is recognized for delivering premium health & wellness services to major corporations. She offers a rich mix of cross-training in traditional and complementary medicine. Her unique and state-of-the art lifestyle classes promote advanced workforce health & wellness by integrating a healthier lifestyle through Mind, Body and Spirit.

Desiree partners with HR leaders as a subject matter expert who consults executives on strategy, design, program implementation, and management of corporate wellness & sustainability programs. She has tailored wellness platforms, social engagements & consultation services for various corporate cultures including AARP, the PGA of America, Kaiser Permanente, BET Networks, NBA Wives Foundation and other educational institutions, corporations, foundations & civic groups.

Desiree leads a dedicated team of physicians, therapists, educators and consultants to provide a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to wellness challenges and provides wellness corporate solutions. She facilitates a wide range of complementary and alternative therapies while also integrating health & wellness into the corporate culture. She executes strategic marketing at the executive-level while providing corporate and multi media consultation regarding eco-friendly products and health & wellness initiatives. She is recognized among the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur’s and has held key roles as the Chairperson of the 60th Anniversary for the UN and as the Executive VP at the UN Association of NY.

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