5 Tips On Going Green In Your Kitchen

March 8, 2015

The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms in the house to go green because it’s one of the most organic. Going green in your kitchen offers the simplest ways to cut down on toxins in your home and make it less wasteful.


While the food may not be fit for human consumption, the earthworms in your backyard would love it. There are composting solutions for all size families, yards, and outdoor availabilities. No backyard? No worries. Composting pails are quite popular with city dwellers and many urban areas offer a composting pickup.

Non-toxic Cleaners

White vinegar cleans almost anything. It leaves glass sparkling and takes out the nasty after taste in your coffee machine, and so much more. Using it will drastically reduce toxic chemicals near your foods.

Use Less Water

It may surprise you but using a dishwasher (assuming you run it only when it’s full) can save up to 37% than washing dishes by hand. If you have a newer machine it may even come with an “economy” cycle that saves you water and heat.

Use Less Heat

If you’re preparing a small meal, the microwave may be a smarter savings than firing up your oven and burners, particularly if it’s warm outside and you’re running your AC. If you would rather not cook with a microwave, fire up the grill. If neither of those options suit you, choose more raw dishes like salads.

Close the Door

If you have children, this one is a constant battle – keep the refrigerator door closed as often as possible. Get things out at the same time instead of reaching in, getting each item, and then closing it in between uses. Don’t try and figure out what you want to eat standing in front of it with the door wide open. This wastes the cold air you already paid for. Many people leave a content list on the fridge so everyone can decide what they want before opening it. What green ideas to you have for the kitchen?

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