5 Cheap Corporate Wellness Ideas

March 8, 2015

Corporate wellness programs tend to be thought of as big business domain but a lot of small companies and start-ups are embracing them as well. How do you implement a corporate wellness program when your budget is limited and big programs are out of the question?

Make Substitutions

If you already offer snacks as part of your fun employee benefits, switch unhealthy processed options to healthier weight-friendly ones.

Look for Those Making Healthy Decisions and Enlist Them

You don’t need to bring in high dollar motivational speakers or nutritionists. Look for people in your company who are already making healthy choices and ask them to present to the group. If someone recently ran a marathon for the first time, for instance, get them to speak about how they trained for it and how they found the motivation to do so. If there’s someone who makes wonderful healthy meals ask them to coordinate the creation of an office cookbook with quick, healthy recipes that can be shared over the employee Intranet.

Ask a Chef

Chefs are often less expensive than motivational speakers. Bring in a chef to do a program on healthy, quick weekday meals. If you have an employee who loves to cook healthy, even better. The chef is to do more than just cook a meal for the employees. The goal is to show techniques that save time and educate on ways to make recipes healthier.

Adjust Coffee Service

If you provide coffee, offer some low-fat, non-sugar options as well as your creamer and sugar. Almond or soy milk, and stevia help the health conscious enjoy a guilt-free cup of coffee.

Create a Monthly or Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Deliver a newsletter to your employees’ inboxes featuring healthy snack or meal recipes, office exercises they can do quickly, a nutritional article, etc. The point of the content is to share things they can implement rapidly.

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